Debtor's Anonymous Telephone/Internet Intergroup (DATIG) is made up of program volunteers, Intergroup Officers, and Intergroup Meeting Representatives from each debtors anonymous telephone and internet meeting. They meet monthly to exchange information and vote on motions to support the debtors anonymous telephone and internet fellowship and reach out to the addict who still suffers.

We want to tell others who are experiencing the same problems that there is a solution. DATIG combines the resources of the individual telephone/internet groups to carry out projects that would be difficult for a single phone or internet meeting to achieve.

As defined in the D.A. Service pamphlet:

"An Intergroup consists of representatives from Debtors Anonymous meetings in a defined area, such as a city and nearby suburbs, who meet periodically to provide services for the entire area...The intergroup is usually responsible for a number of activities that support meetings in the area, such as keeping a list of current meeting times and locations, maintaining a phone recording with meeting information, in bulk and selling it to groups, sponsoring workshops, and perhaps maintaining a website."

The DATIG Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality and communication between all of the D.A. telephone and internet meetings.

"Our fundamental commitment at each DATIG meeting is to offer service to our fellow debtors. In this spirit of service, we strive to treat each other with consideration, compassion and courtesy.”

How does DATIG work?

Every D.A. telephone and internet meeting elects a meeting representative to attend and participate in the monthly DATIG meetings. These representatives bring ideas from each group and return with news and information.

When are the DATIG Business Meetings?

Please see the Service page for up-to-date schedule and call-in information.

Can I attend the meeting if I'm not an Intergroup Representative?

Any DA member is welcome to attend DATIG meetings as a guest for information, to ask questions or bring up issues, or to discuss motions. Only Intergroup Representatives and DATIG trusted servants may make, second, or vote on motions.

What are the suggested requirements to be an Intergroup Representative for my meeting?

As every meeting is autonomous, please check with you meeting leader for information on requirements to represent that meeting. Below are some suggestions for new meetings if no qualifications are in place:

Generally, each Intergroup Officer should also maintain these requirements.

How does DATIG help individual telephone and internet meetings?

How does DATIG help other groups?

Why get involved in DATIG meetings?

Intergroup activities are more than just meetings. They are chances to have fun with other D.A. members, to visualize exciting projects and make them happen, and to see ourselves grow as we work together.

Does my meeting have a DATIG representative?

As of January 2021, only 6 of the meetings registered with DATIG are sending representatives to the monthly business meetings.

Not only does that mean we have very few people to do a lot of work, it means we don't know what many of our members want and need from us. If you would like to change this and give back by being of service, review the suggested requirements for participation and either let your meeting secretary know, contact us, or attend the next DATIG meeting for more information. Please note that DA members who are not Intergroup Reps are welcome to attend DATIG for information and participate in discussion (but not make or vote on motions.)