Debtors Anonymous Literature

Literature items are excellent tools to support your recovery and often in sponsorship and step work these resources are used. There are also meetings which read from the literature. Below is information about literature available for free download on the DATIG and Debtors Anonymous General Service Office website, as well as literature available for purchase from the Debtors Anonymous General Service Office.

Literature Available for Free

On DATIG website:

On the Debtors Anonymous General Service Office website:

Literature Available for Purchase

The General Service Board (GSB) of Debtors Anonymous is pleased to announce that most of the Fellowship's English-language pamphlets previously available only in paper format are now available for electronic download. Fellows can choose to purchase any of 17 individual pamphlets for 99 cents each; the Debtors Anonymous Newcomers packet and BDA newcomers packet for $4.95; and all seventeen pamphlets collected together for $9.99. The electronic versions can be downloaded to desktops, laptops, tablets, or smart phones.

To access these pamphlets or order the Fellowship's two books in either paperback or electronic format, please go to

All Debtors Anonymous (D.A.) literature is available to order in the Catalog of Conference-Approved Literature on the Debtors Anonymous General Service Office website.

DATIG does not offer literature directly. To order literature you will submit requests following these guidelines:.

Please mail payment with order form to: 

Debtors Anonymous/Literature Order
P.O. Box 920888
Needham, MA 02492-0009

Literature Approval Process

At the World Service Conference, the WSC Literature Committee proposes a concept for new or revised literature, along with suggested mediums, and makes a motion for approval of that concept at Convocation. Read about the entire D.A. Literature Approval Process.