Debtors Anonymous Telephone Meeting Schedule

The Debtors Anonymous Telephone Meetings listed below are all that are currently available. If you find no one in attendance or an error in the Skype ID, phone number, or access code, or there are changes that need to be made to your meeting's listing, please let us know.

Each meeting is autonomous and must re-register annually with the General Service Office by June 30th, or risk being removed from the list.

Phone Meetings

All the phone meetings are listed via different D.A. phone numbers. Local long distance charges may apply. The Phone Bridge may also be used for support and fellowship. While there is no moderator between meetings, the principles of the D.A. program still apply.

Skype Meetings

Please contact the Skype ID listed prior to the meeting to be added to the call. If you don't have Skype you can download it for free at When the meeting starts you will be added to the call by the meeting moderator. Skype meetings have a video feature. You may turn off your video if you choose by clicking on the camera icon. Please mute your microphone unless you are sharing by clicking on the microphone icon.


New shared conference line available for phone meetings

Beginning in August 2017, DATIG will begin offering a new, shared conference line for use by DA phone meetings. The new conference line will offer international call-in numbers, and will help avoid the problems encountered when meetings lose track of their moderator code. Use of the new line is on an opt-in basis – it is neither automatic nor required. If your meeting would like to move to the new conference line, please email the Conference Moderator to make arrangements and reserve your time slot.

Be sure to contact both the DATIG webmaster and the DA General Service Office when you are ready to move, so that meeting lists may be updated.

Meeting formats can be posted on DATIG website

DATIG can host a copy of your meeting’s format within your listing on our Meeting Schedule. Meetings that would like to do this may submit a PDF file to the webmaster. We suggest you include an “as-of” date, and that you review your format to remove any sensitive information before submitting – these documents will be public and potentially Google-able. Each meeting is responsible for keeping its posted format up to date.


Please consider electing a representative to attend DATIG meetings so we can more abundantly support the DA telephone meeting community. DA members who are not elected reps may also attend.

To submit meeting listing changes, please visit Contact page

  7:00 AM Eastern 1309 “The Just For This Day” Tool 8 Literature Study Meeting - Dial in no more than 15 minutes prior to meeting start time. Do not identify yourself if joining after 7:00 AM. 60 (712) 832-8300; 61404#
(add +1 from outside USA)
  8:00 AM Eastern   StepSponsorDA Daily Phone Step Study Call
We will read from a literature topic that is sent out from StepSponsorDA every other day (odd numbered days of the month). We will share on having taken action on that reading every other day (even numbered days of the month). Send email to for more info and reading assignments. Calls will be recorded & available for 24 hrs. To access recording Dial-in playback number: (515) 604-9409. Access Code: 741603#.
  (515) 604-9300; 741603#
  9:30 AM Eastern 1177 B.D.A. Check-In Meeting - Monday thru Friday only. No meeting Saturday or Sunday. Enter access code slowly. 30 (605) 475-6777; 82764511#
  10:30 AM Eastern 1319 B.D.A. Check-In Meeting - Monday thru Friday only. No meeting Saturday or Sunday. Enter access code slowly. 30 (605) 475-6777; 82764511#
  7:10 AM Eastern 33117 A Daily Reprieve - This is an open English language DA Promises meeting with speakers. 60 (515) 604-9781; 621185#
  8:00 AM Eastern 9563 Showing Up Action Group AM - This meeting occurs two times on Sunday. (The evening meeting is also a face-to-face meeting at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, 275 N. 8th St. at Havemayer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY) 60 (712) 832-8300; 46966843#
  9:00 AM Eastern 967 Sunday 9 AM Eastern Meeting - This is an open speaker meeting, except on the first Sunday of each month when it is a business meeting. 60 (712) 832-8330; 1880647#
  11:00 AM Eastern 1587 D.A.- H.O.W. Ways & Means Discussion Group
Meeting Format, 90 Questions, and Readings
60 (712) 775-7035; 295072#
  5:30 PM Eastern 970 Worldwide Meeting of Debtors Anonymous 90 (712) 832-8300; 66639#
  7:00 PM Eastern 9563 Showing Up Action Group PM - This meeting occurs two times on Sunday. This evening meeting is also a face-to-face meeting at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, 275 N. 8th St. at Havemayer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY. G, L, B24 to the Metropolitan-Lorimer stop. Enter next to office on N. 8th St., by bike rack downstairs. 60 (712) 832-8300; 46966843#
  8:00 PM Eastern 968 Sunday Phone B.D.A. 75 (605) 475-2090; 666391#
  8:30 PM Eastern 150419 The Freedom Group
Week 1: Visions, Week 2: A Currency of Hope, and Business Meeting @ 9:15pm; Week 3: Step; Week 4: Speaker; Week 5: Chair's Choice
60 (712) 770-4010; 873968#
  10:30 AM Eastern 1330 B.D.A. Step Meeting - This is an open English language B.D.A. meeting, focusing on book study and the 12 Steps. 60 (515) 739-1033; 879455#
  17:00 CET
11:00 AM Eastern*
1531 Riunione Telefonica Lunedi - From Italy via Skype.
Users need a computer, the Skype application, and a headset. Per trovare il numero di accesso nella tua citta, si prega di contattare: (For access telephone numbers by city contact:)
Giulia +393338860480 / or
Enza +393312474739 /

*Daylight Savings time varies internationally. To check time conversion, use
90 talkyoo_skype
room# 630929
  9:30 CET
3:30 PM Eastern*
1631 D.A. Step & Tradition Skype Meeting
From Amsterdam via Skype. Users need a computer, the Skype application, and a headset. Add to your Skype account. *To check time zones, use There is a 24/7 online mailing list for the group.
  5:00 PM Arizona Time
(see note)
1315000 Sedona Into Action
This is a face-to-face English language meeting, which is also accessible by phone. The meeting has a variable format within each month. The 1st Monday of each month is a step meeting, 2nd Monday is a speaker meeting, 3rd Monday we listen to a recording, 4th Monday focuses on a BDA (Business Debtors Anonymous) topic. 5th Monday, when applicable, we focus on the 12 Traditions. Meeting Format

NOTE: the meeting time is based on Arizona time. Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings, so in summer, we are the same as Pacific Time, but in winter, we are on Mountain Time!
See current local time in Sedona
60 (515) 604-9982; 730427#

For list of toll-free international #s for this meeting go to bdasedonaworkshops/who-we-are
  7:00 PM Eastern 120314 Monday Night D.A.- H.O.W. Format - D.A. H.O.W. Fundamentals. All the tools are read and shared on by H.O.W. sponsors who share their experience, strength, and hope - passing on what we've so richly been given. 90 (515) 739-1285; 877485#
  8:00 PM Eastern 12616 Actions Coming From Love
This is an open English language meeting, focusing on book study, steps, and tools.
60 (712) 432-8808; 2221212#
  10:00 PM Eastern 1495 Musicians Monday Night B.D.A. - This is an open Business Debtors Anonymous (BDA) meeting, focusing on the 12 steps and 12 tools of the program. 60 (605) 475-2090; 7630154#
  10:00 PM IRDT (Iran)
1:30 PM Eastern*
81817 Abundance
This is a Persian language DA meeting on Skype. Please search for and add in Skype.

*Daylight Savings time varies internationally. To check time conversion, use
90 on Skype
  3:00 PM Eastern 1176 D.A. and Health Issues - The group uses a rotating format. The first and third weeks of the month are speaker meetings, the second week is a step meeting, and the fourth week is dedicated to reading, studying, and discussing A Currency of Hope. 75 (515) 739-1020; 250588#
  8:00 PM GMT
3:00 PM Eastern*
112216 Carrying the Message

*Daylight Savings time varies internationally. To check time conversion, use
60 From UK (8pm GMT):
0330 777 1307; 2467128#

From US (noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern):
(712) 832-8330; 2467128#

From Canada (noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern):
(867) 292-3030; 2467128#

From Australia:
08 9520 3110; 2467128#
  8:30 PM Eastern 13117 Newfound Hope - Rotating format. The first and third Tuesdays of the month are speaker meetings. The second Tuesday focuses on recovery from underearning, and the last Tuesday concentrates on visions. The meeting is closed to non-debtors. 60 (515) 739-1541; 591785#
  9:00 PM Eastern 82515 Tuesday 9 PM Eastern
This is an open meeting, focusing on book study, steps, and tools. Unfortunately, because of disrupting behaviors from callers, we have had to make a few changes to keep the line safe for us. One of the reasons why some members cannot get in is because they may have a blocked, unknown, or an anonymous number. Sometimes this can be easily corrected by pressing *82 before dialing in, it releases or unblocks the number.
60 (712) 432-8808; 2221212#
  9:15 PM Eastern 1019 Tuesday Twilight B.D.A. 75 (712) 832-8300; 666391#
  9:00 PM AET (Australian Eastern)
7:00 AM Eastern*
818172 Experience Strength and Hope BDA
This BDA Skype meeting is for persons who seek to develop their business through creativity and to allow the creativity in their business to be a channel for God's will. Add experiencestrengthhopebda on the Skype channel, ask to be a contact.

*Daylight Savings time varies internationally. To check time conversion, use

  experiencestrengthhopebda on Skype
  10:30 AM Eastern 1701 D.A.- H.O.W. - Meeting Format 90 (712) 775-7035; 295072#
  12:00 PM Eastern 999 Speak and Write Your Visions
The focus is on spirituality integrated with practicality. We read from the DA Spirituality, Vision and Spending Plan pamphlets, the 12 Steps, Traditions, Tools for DA and BDA, and close with the 12 Promises. We meditate each week for 10 minutes; write for 3 minutes, share, and then state vision action plans. On the 2nd week, we listen to a 15 min. speaker, and on the 4th week, we hold a 20 min. business meeting. We have elected service leaders, serving for 3 month terms.  Please join us and Welcome!
Press *6 to mute and unmute; please stay muted while on the call, unless it is your turn to speak.
Meeting Format
75 (712) 775-7270; 655221#
  9:30 CET (Amsterdam)
3:30 PM Eastern*
1371 D.A. Skype Meeting - From Amsterdam via Skype.
Users need a computer, the Skype application, and a headset. Add to your Skype account. There is a 24/7 online mailing list for the group.

*Daylight Savings time varies internationally. To check time conversion, use
(add +1 from outside USA)
  6:00 PM Eastern   DATIG Quarterly* Business Meeting.
*Note: DATIG will meet meet MONTHLY for October, November and December 2017.
2nd Wednesday of the month. New time: 6:00pm Eastern.
Visit the Service page for more information.
75 (641) 552-9427; 1101149#
  7:00 PM Eastern 1187 50 Plus D.A.
This meeting follows a 5 week rotation. The first Wednesday is a Step Meeting, the second Wednesday is a Tools Meeting, the third Wednesday is a Traditions Meeting, the fourth Wednesday is a Speaker Meeting, and the fifth Wednesday is a Currency of Hope reading.
60 (712) 832-8300; 66639#
  7:30 PM Eastern 1528 D.A.- H.O.W. Recovery from Compulsive Spending.
This meeting uses the Conference-approved "Recovery from Compulsive Spending" pamphlet as the basis for discussion
60 (712) 775-7035; 295072#
  8:00 PM Eastern 825151 Wednesday 8 PM - Focus on book study, steps and tools. Use *1 to mute and unmute; initially will come on muted. 60 (712) 432-8808; 2221212#
  7:30 AM GMT
2:30 AM Eastern*
90915 BDA Thursday Morning
If you have any difficulty calling in, please press *82 before dialing the number. If you are calling from a country not named at right, please email the group secretary to request the number to dial to make it a local call from that country:

*Daylight Savings time varies internationally. To check time conversion, use
60 from USA:
(605) 562-3130; 100744#

from UK:
+44 (0) 330 606 0182; 100744#

from Israel:
+972 (0) 76-599-0000; 100744#
  7:10 AM Eastern 32317 A Daily Reprieve - This is an open English language phone meeting focusing on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of DA. 50 (515) 604-9781; 621185#
  11:00 AM Eastern 1244 Big Book Study - Press *6 to unmute or share, press *6 when sharing is complete to reduce background noise. 60 (605) 475-6333; 66639#
  7:00 PM IST (Israel)
12:00 PM Eastern*
62416 Freedom From Debt - The meeting concentrates on book study and the steps and tools of D.A. The meeting is based out of Israel, where the meeting time is 7:00 PM Israeli time. To receive phone numbers for other countries, email Leah at

*Daylight Savings time varies internationally. To check time conversion, use
90 From US:
(641) 715-3810; 808618#

From Israel:
972-76-599-0000; 808618#
  1:00 PM Eastern 1538 D.A. and Health Issues 2 - For D.A. members with health issues. All debtors, however, are welcome. The group follows a rotating format, as follows. Week 1: Speaker; Week 2: Step Meeting using D.A. Step pamphlet; Week 3: D.A. tools; Week 4: Reading from "A Currency of Hope" for 10 minutes, alternating with the D.A. Promises; Week 5: Tradition of the month from A.A. 12+12. Business meeting last Thursday of the month. 60 (605) 475-6700; 3039810#
  8:00 PM Eastern 12017 D.A.- H.O.W. Recovery from Underearning
This meeting uses the H.O.W. (Honesty Openness Willingness) format and focuses on recovery from underearning. The D.A. conference-approved "Underearning" pamphlet is read and participants are encouraged to speak about the reading.  Meeting Format
60 (712) 770-4087; 753319#
  9:00 PM Eastern 1065 Overcoming Underearning
Meeting Format as of 10/12/17  Meeting Format pre-10/12/17
60 (605) 475-5950; 66639#

New number & access code as of 10/12/17:
(515) 739-1423; 408137#

International dial-in numbers are listed here
  11:30 PM Eastern 1648 20 Minute Phone Meeting 20 (515) 603-3110; 819279#
  11:00 AM Eastern 72316 Daily Commitment - The meeting focuses on reading and discussion of the following D.A. pamphlets: Spending Plan, Pressure Relief Meetings and Pressure Relief Groups, Record Keeping, and Recovery from Compulsive Spending. 60 (641) 715-0700; 119277#
  4:00 PM Eastern 1124 Friday Vision and Meditation Meeting

Approximately 15-20 mins into this meeting, there is a 5 min silent mediation when no sound will be heard if you join the meeting late.
  (605) 475-6006; 66639#
  7:00 PM Eastern 1588 B.D.A. Skype - Experience Strength Hope. Users need a computer, the Skype application, a headset, and a microphone. Add ExperienceStrengthHopeBDA to your Skype account. 60 ExperienceStrengthHopeBDA
  7:30 PM Eastern 1474 D.A.- H.O.W. for Business Owners/Sole Proprietors - B.D.A. Tools/Pamphlet Meeting
To receive a copy of our format, ask a question, or be put on our mailing list, please contact us at Thank you!
60 (712) 832-8310; 7474463#
  9:00 PM Eastern 1236 Friday Night Sanity Seekers - Speaker meeting: D.A. speakers, except on the third Friday of the month, when there is a B.D.A. speaker. The conference line is open 10 minutes before the meeting and up to 25 minutes after the meeting for fellowship. 60 (605) 475-4350; 704742#
  10:00 PM Eastern 1374 D.A. Clear Away - This topic meeting focuses on clutter as a symptom of our disease and terminal vagueness. De-cluttering is essential to our D.A. recovery and our ability to "keep our numbers." A three-minute guided visual meditation is lead to make peace with clutter tendencies and to envision a clutter-free D.A. abstinence/solvency. Guest speakers share their experience, strength & hope in D.A., including their clutter struggles and solutions. 80 (218) 548-7079; 2588837#
  10:00 AM Eastern 1485 D.A. / B.D.A. Record and Numbers Keeping Meeting - Part 1 60 (515) 739-1033; 879455#
  10:30 AM Eastern 9934 Currency of Hope D.A. - This is a hybrid meeting, both telephone and face to face. Face to face group meets in Rochester, NY. Open meeting; most meetings are step meetings; the last meeting of the month is a literature meeting. 60 (641) 715-3850; 164033#
  11:15 AM Eastern 1486 D.A. / B.D.A. Record and Numbers Keeping Workshop - Part 2
This is a workshop where D.A. and B.D.A. members can work on their numbers, spending plan, or other recovery activity in SILENT solidarity, with bookending and member support.
75 (515) 739-1033; 879455#
  1:00 PM Eastern 1375 Saturday B.D.A. for Artists and Writers - Open to all self-employed people who have a desire to create, maintain or increase a revenue stream as a result of their creative process. We do not define what is art or who are artists and writers. The first part of the meeting focuses on the Tools. The format of the second part of the meeting varies by week. 75 (641) 715-3818; 257887#
  7:30 PM Eastern 1354 Satuday Night Serenity Seekers Literature Study Meeting - This is a literature study meeting. Weeks 1 & 3: Reading from the D.A. pamphlets in alphabetical order; Week 2: A Currency of Hope, designated reading; Week 3: Monthly business meeting; Week 4: The Twelve Traditions (Long Form) from the A.A. Twelve and Twelve (pages 189-192), corresponding tradition to month; Week 5: Chair will choose topic. 60 (605) 475-6333; 116678#